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I really love photographing birth stories. This one was extra special because the little soul being brought into the world was my nephew, Holland. My brother Brent and his wife Robyn have had me photograph the birth of all of their children.

Robyn was almost 2 weeks over due and really wanted to have a natural birth. She didnt want to be induced and was just a few days away from the doctor insisting on an induction. So they were thrilled when she went into labor but they were also slightly skeptical that it was the real thing, because she had false labor just a few days earlier. She labored at home for a few hours and then headed to the hospital. They let me know when they were heading in, an told me they would call again once she was in the hospital and knew how far along she was. I started getting ready for the day, assuming the call would come quickly because I had a feeling she would go quickly and boy was I right! About 20 minutes after they left, I saw Brents name on my caller ID and assumed I would be headed into the hospital soon. When I answered, Brent kind of just shouted “come now shes delivering NOW!” They had barely made it into the hospital room before her water broke and when the nurse checked her, she had to call for the doctor cause Holland was COMING! She pushed for less than 10 minutes and he was here! Obviously I missed his actual birth, seeing as how he was born roughly 5 minutes after I got the call, but I was still able to capture the excitement from his arrival and his siblings getting to meet him!


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