Missy and Bri Wedding Day | The Vineyards at Mt Naomi Farms Wedding


These two ladies are pretty special to me. Missy is my sister and Bri is (now) her lovely wife. They were best friends long before they fell in love so we have had Bri around for a long time. Its been so beautiful to see these two love each other deeply as friends, realize there was something more there, and develop it into a romance even John Krasinski and Emily Blunt would be jealous of (they are the first couple that came to mind honestly haha). They love each other, respect each other, and push each other to be better versions of themselves.

They were married in a stunning ceremony at The Vineyards at Mount Naomi farms in Hyde Park, Utah with Douglas Bethers as their officiant. The whole family fell in love with Douglas when he officiated our brother Christophers wedding a few years ago, and he really endeared himself to us when he reached out with some very kind and heart felt words about my dad when he heard of his passing. It some how felt very special that Douglas got to be their officiant. And he did an incredible job, as always.

To be honest, this was one of the funnest and well planned out weddings i’ve ever had the honor of photographing. It came from Missy and Bri throwing caution to the wind and really customizing the wedding, and picking exceptional vendors. I already gushed about what a great job Douglas did as their officiant, but Douglas was also their DJ for the rest of the night and did a great job with that as well, they hired an incredible videographer, Luke Porter for their video, Shannon shields did an incredible job on Missys make up (I got to do Bri’s make up!), The Vineyards was an absolute perfect back drop for the celebration, and I have to say, I think they made an expectonal choice with their photographer as well 🙂

They had their dog Casey (who is a true part of the family) bring the rings down the aisle, they held a flash mob dance with their immediate families as they walked back down the aisle, they silly stringed their guests during the cake cutting, had dance floor rules that created hands down the best dance party ive ever been to, and so so many other incredible touches to make it an unforgettable day.

xo, kristi

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