Soren and Alison Wedding Day | Wolfe Lodge in Eden, Utah

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Summer Wedding at wolfe creek lodge

Everyone, meet Alison and Soren! I was lucky enough to take their wedding day photos a few months back, and it was such a fun day! Alison and Soren are some of the kindest people I’ve had the privilege of working with, and they have such a sweet love for each other. From morning to evening, Alison and Soren’s wedding day was perfect. The weather was gorgeous and the setting was beautiful– I couldn’t have asked for a better combo!

This couple chose to get married at Wolf Creek Resort. It’s a beautiful lodge in the Ogden Canyon near Eden, Utah. I’ve actually been to this resort many times with my family growing up, so it was really fun for me to go back there for work! Wolf Creek is a really gorgeous lodge, with space for both the ceremony and the reception. Alison and Soren decorated it beautifully!

Alison and Soren had a beautiful little ceremony overlooking the mountains. They met while serving LDS missions, so their ceremony was filled with lots of familiar faces! They had many mission companions and friends who had to travel a long way to support them. It was beautiful to see the love and support they had from family and friends. 

We started the day at a condo just a few minutes away from Wolf Creek. Everyone was getting ready together and I was impressed with how organized and calm everything was. Alison got ready with her mom and best friend, which made for some memorable photos. Afterwards, we drove over to the resort for the ceremony, followed by photos out on the golf course and a delicious dinner and dancing!

I loved being a part of Alison and Soren’s big day. Their photos turned out beautifully, and I’m so thrilled for them to start their new life together.

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The Wolfe Creek Lodge where Alison and Soren got married is a gorgeous resort in Eden, Utah. I actually spent lots of time there as a kid!

This wedding was the most perfect late-summer event. It was a beautiful day with beautiful people!

I’m kind of obsessed with Alison’s dress! The lace is so lovely and it looks amazing on her.

The Wolfe Creek Lodge is a perfect wedding location because it’s beautiful year-round!


A stunning look of the wedding day ceremony in Logan, Utah by Kristi Alyse Photography. Ceremony background special moment the wedding day Kristi Alyse wedding ceremony inspo wedding details of the day black chairs floral details mountain backdrop wedding aisle #weddinginspo #loganutah #brideandgroom #utahbride #utahweddingphotographer #meaningfulmoment #weddingphotography #northernutahwedding #weddinghairstyles #weddingday #bridals

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Stunningly detailed shot of the gorgeous brides flower bouquet in Logan, Utah by Kristi Alyse Photography. Brides bouquet of colorful flowers inspo wedding day floral arrangement lace wedding dress meaningful details unique photography northern Logan Utah wedding day bridals #weddinginspo #loganutah #brideandgroom #utahbride #utahweddingphotographer #meaningfulmoment #weddingphotography #northernutahwedding #weddinghairstyles #weddingday #bridals

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The moment of the bride walking down the aisle captured by Kristi Alyse Photography in northern Utah. Mother and father of the bride walk bride down the aisle meaningful moment quality wedding day photography Kristi Alyse wedding inspiration bride wedding dress lace details #weddinginspo #loganutah #brideandgroom #utahbride #utahweddingphotographer #meaningfulmoment #weddingphotography #northernutahwedding #weddinghairstyles #weddingday #bridals

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The moment the bride and groom say farewell to guests in Logan, Utah wedding shot by Kristi Alyse photography. Bride and groom escape send off honey moon wedding day inspo laughter in the night time northern Utah Kristi Alyse photography Utah bride #weddinginspo #loganutah #brideandgroom #utahbride #utahweddingphotographer #meaningfulmoment #weddingphotography #northernutahwedding #weddinghairstyles #weddingday #bridals
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