Jaxon + Kate Rainy Formal Session

Wedding Formals

Kristi Alyse Photography masters capturing the authentic and in-between moment - With beautiful rolling hills and Utah mountains in the backdrop, she captures giddy nose kisses for this soon-to-be bride and groom in Cache Valley, Utah. modest long lace sleeved wedding dress, lds wedding, logan utah professional wedding photographer, ballgown wedding dress, gray twill wedding suit, grooms glasses, nose kisses, bridal portraits, grass field wedding bridals #SheSaidYes #IDo #MendonUtah #CacheValleyUtah #LoganUtah #LDSWedding #MendonUtahPhotographer #CacheValleyWeddingPhotographer #LoganUtahWeddingPhotographer #LoganUtahPhotographer #CacheValleyPhotographer


formals in the rain

Say hello to Jaxon and Kate! This gorgeous couple are not only lovers, but also best friends! You could tell right away that Jaxon and Kate are best friends because they were so comfortable with each other and their love was so apparent! They met while living by each other in provo while both attending BYU. They now both live in Logan while they finish school at USU.

Kate described their wedding style as elegant, yet understated, and I couldn’t agree more! I think this photoshoot screams elegance, but in a very classy subtle way! I loved the styling for this shoot. This couple has impeccable taste!

The weather for this shoot started out beautiful, but about 10 minutes in, it started to rain out of nowhere. Regardless of unexpected bad weather, Jaxon and Kate were huge troopers and they just had fun with it. I LOVE working with clients who can go with the flow and just enjoy the moment for what is it. It makes for the most memorable and authentic photoshoots.

This shoot is located in Mendon, Utah at my favorite field in Cache Valley because it looks incredible year round. It was perfect for this photoshoot and exactly what the couple wanted. I am so glad Kate and Jaxon asked me to be their photographer so I could have some fun in the rain with this beautiful couple!

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This couple’s style was elegant yet underrated—it was beautiful!

This session was at my favorite field in Mendon, Utah. It’s beautiful year round.

It started raining out of nowhere, which made for a super fun, authentic photoshoot.


Dancing in the rain! A sunny bridal session turned sudden downpour made for a playful pictures captured by Kristi Alyse Photography in Cache Valley, Utah. Laced long sleeved wedding dress, twill gray wedding suit, floral groom’s tie, rainy bridal session, bridal updo, dancing in the rain, cache valley utah mountains, professional logan utah wedding photographer, rolling utah grassy hills, modest wedding dress, fitted bodice ball gown, bride and groom holding hands #SheSaidYes #IDo #MendonUtah #CacheValleyUtah #LoganUtah #LDSWedding #MendonUtahPhotographer #CacheValleyWeddingPhotographer #LoganUtahWeddingPhotographer #LoganUtahPhotographer #CacheValleyPhotographer

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A photography session filled with romance, this bridal session by Kristi Alyse Photography in Mendon, Utah included billowing bridal trains, long grass, green hills and Utah mountains. bride and groom holding hands, forehead touching romantic bridal photos, utah mountain backdrop, logan utah wedding photographer, lace long sleeved wedding dress, ball gown wedding dress, brown loose curled bridal updo #SheSaidYes #IDo #MendonUtah #CacheValleyUtah #LoganUtah #LDSWedding #MendonUtahPhotographer #CacheValleyWeddingPhotographer #LoganUtahWeddingPhotographer #LoganUtahPhotographer #CacheValleyPhotographer

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Kristi Alyse photography highlights this bride’s romantic ballgown wedding dress in this Logan, Utah bridal shoot. lace long sleeved wedding dress, ballgown long trained wedding dress, white plaid on a gray wedding suit, bride and groom hugging, groom kissing bride’s cheek, tall utah grass, tall grass bridal session, professional mendon utah wedding photographer, bronze brown smokey eye wedding makeup #SheSaidYes #IDo #MendonUtah #CacheValleyUtah #LoganUtah #LDSWedding #MendonUtahPhotographer #CacheValleyWeddingPhotographer #LoganUtahWeddingPhotographer #LoganUtahPhotographer #CacheValleyPhotographer

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Emotional and rain soaked, this bridal session captured by Kristi Alyse Photography in Logan, Utah, was filled with passion and sneaky kisses. rainy bridal session, long beaded wedding veil, light gray plaid wedding suit, passionate bridal kissing, lace long sleeved ballgown, smokey eye wedding makeup, hugging bride and groom, professional logan utah wedding photographer #SheSaidYes #IDo #MendonUtah #CacheValleyUtah #LoganUtah #LDSWedding #MendonUtahPhotographer #CacheValleyWeddingPhotographer #LoganUtahWeddingPhotographer #LoganUtahPhotographer #CacheValleyPhotographer
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