Jordan + Karlie | Logan LDS Temple Wedding Formals


Im always trying to tell the stories of my couples – the story of their love, connection, joy. So for this one I figured I would let Karlie tell you! Here is jordan and Karlies ‘How we met’ story from Karlies perspective!

We met in out YSA ward about 10 months ago and just hung out with a group of friends. Our first date was an unofficial first date, Jordan had a mission companions wedding reception to go to and had no one to go with. He texted me to go with him while I was at work. I got off a half hour before he was going to pick me up so I had to hurry. I got home had enough time to put a dress on and do my hair before he got there. I was kinda nervous cause I wasnt sure if it was a date or not. Funny is he felt the same way. We hit it off and it felt so natural to be with him. We had a lot of fun in the car singing and getting to know each other. A few weeks later we were officially dating. There was never a moment where we knew we were the ones for each other. It was a gradual thing that happened over time.

xo, kristi

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