Ethan and Brinley Formal Session | Antelope Island in Syracuse, Utah


Talk about everything falling into place just the way it was meant to be. Everything about Ethan and Brinley’s formal session was almost on the verge of not working out, but when the time for the shoot came, it was absolutely serendipitous.

I originally met Ethan and Brinley through my brother. Ethan and my brother work together and after Ethan and Brinley saw my photography, they contacted me right away to book me as their wedding photographer.

After talking with Ethan and Brinley, we decided on a location and chose Antelope Island as our backup. Sure enough, when the day approached, we decided to go to Antelope Island due to the weather. Snow was in the forecast but of course, there was a chance we would get any kind of weather.

As I was driving to Antelope Island for the formal session, Brinley called to let me know they had broken down on their way to Syracuse, Utah. Luckily, I was close enough to where they had broken down that I was able to pick up Brinley and her mom and continue on to the session. We were all so relieved. Car trouble is the worst, but knowing you have such an important appointment, we had to try everything in order to make it work.

Once we arrived at the session location near Lady Finger Pointe, the wind had picked up and the breeze was enough to chill your bones. Ethan and Brinley were such troopers. The cold air added just the right amount of pink to both Ethan and Brinley’s cheeks, and as the sun peeked around the clouds, it really did seem like the perfect day.

More often than not, there are things that need to be changed or altered from the original session plans and sometimes there are even obstacles, like the car breaking down, that need to be hurdled. I feel grateful that I get to work with such great clients that know how to be flexible and make the very best out of a chilly day.

xo, kristi

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