Brandon and Cherstin Formals | Antelope Island in Syracuse, Utah


Say hello to Cherstin and Brandon! These two lovers were so excited to take their formals, which made me so excited as well. I loved their energy and we had the best time together, despite it being one of my coldest photoshoots to date! They were all smiles through the cold and had the most beautiful formals session.

We shot their formals on a very, very cold day at Antelope Island. Cherstin was such a trooper in the cold, with her gorgeous, but sheer lace sleeves. Luckily she has a beautiful jacket she wore for a few of the photos to keep her warm. She also had Brandon to keep her warm and we got a lot of beautiful, snuggly photos of them cuddling to stay warm. It was really sweet!

We went to one of my favorite spots on Antelope Island, which is Lady Finger Point. Ladyfinger Point has the most beautiful sunset views, and you can see Egg Island as well as the Great Salt Lake from this location so it makes for stunning background views for photographs. It also has a really beautiful white hiking trail that has lots of jagged, rough rocks which make for the most stunning backgrounds for photos. I love a bride in a beautiful white gown contrasting with the rocks at Lady Finger Point!

We photographed around dusk so we could get those incredible sunset shots. The lighting was total perfection, a dreamy golden glow that melted into to a gorgeous sunset. I love photographing at sunset on Antelope Island. With the salty white trails and the Great Salt Lake reflection the sunset, it is just stunning there during dusk.

My favorite part of photographing Cherstin and Bradon is how I could truly tell they were best friends. I love it when couples don’t just seem like lovers, but also best friends! Those make for the best, most fun, authentically beautiful couples to photograph!

xo, kristi

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