Klaus and Sydney Couples Session | Mendon Fields in Cache Valley, Utah

Engagement Session

Meet Sydney and Klaus. They are the most fun, playful couple and I had a blast shooting them. I love couples who can let loose and just have fun like these two. Not only do I get authentic, beautiful photos, but I also get to have a great time shooting!

Sydney and I met through one of my passions, aside from photography, which is shopping for cute clothes! Sydney works for Moonbeam Apparel, which is one of my favorite boutiques in Logan. We met while I was shooting, and doing some shopping, of course, in their store.

Sydney asked me to do a couple photo session of her and her handsome husband, Klaus. I love when couples take the time to get professional portaits of themselves for no other reason than they are in love and want the world to know it! You don’t always need a special occasion or event to get photographs done. Just being in love is reason enough!

I took them to my favorite fall location, which is a field in Mendon, Utah. I love it because it has amazingly gorgeous fall colors and is widely open, which makes for such an endlessly beautiful landscape to photograph on. Then when you couple fall colors and a field of gold with beautiful mountains in the background, and this spot is an absolute gem!

My favorite part of this shoot was their styling. You can tell Sydney works at a hip boutique because she and Klaus were dressed to perfection. I loved Sydney’s boho dress and don’t even get me started on her hair. The way her gorgeous red contrasted with the golden fields was my favorite. It also matched the fall-colored trees in the background, which I loved!

I love connecting with people in unexpected ways, which then leads to me photographing them. It’s really fun to show up to a photoshoot and already know the person I see through my lens so I can give them gorgeous and treasured photos.

xo, kristi

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