Ethan and Brinley Wedding Day

wedding day

Say hello to Ethan and Brinley! They were married in the Provo City Center Temple, in Provo, Utah. They had a morning ceremony, which I always love. It’s so nice to just get up and start your day off with a wedding! Their wedding was followed by a luncheon and reception that they hosted at Wild Oak Venue in Lindon, Utah.

The Wild Oak Venue was the most beautiful location for their perfect day! This was my first time shooting at Wild Oak and I would love to shoot there again because it was so beautiful! It has a rustic, farmhouse feel to it, which fit beautifully with Ethan and Brinley’s wedding vibe.

At the reception, they had milk and cookies as the dessert, which was fun idea and so delicious. I love the idea of doing something so simple, yet it’s everyone’s favorite dessert, so why make it complicated?!?

Ethan and Brinley’s special day consisted of a lot of dancing and laughing. The couple was surrounded by many who loved them and supported them. The couple was graced with many heartfelt and emotional speeches throughout the day and many tears were shed. It was touching to be with them and experience so much love!

As the day came to an end, Ethan and Brinley were surprised by Ethan’s parents who presented them with a cool blue Corvette to “ride off into to the honeymoon” in. It was the talk of the wedding and such a fun surprise for the couple. The couple was able to ride off into the sunset together in style surrounded by sparklers! That was one of my favorite send-offs. It was so unique!

I can’t wait to see the great things this couple will accomplish together. With lots of love for each other and all of the love from their families, these two are going places! Thanks for letting me a part of your special day Ethan and Brinley!

xo, kristi

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