Evan + Courtney Wedding Day

wedding day

The pandemic has really done a number on so many weddings and couples. You dream of your wedding day for so long, and to have it impacted and altered so drastically is truly heartbreaking, especially as a wedding photographer. I have seen the effects all through last year and continuing on into this year. The greatest takeaway I’ve had from this devastating phenomenon, however, is just how strong love is. I see the couples survive the stress of last-minute changes and long-ago plans exchanged for new, simpler ones. That perseverance strikes me as powerfully as the love I see in my couples as I shoot their wedding day.

Evan and Courtney were no exception! They’re another COVID couple who had to reschedule their wedding many times as a result of changing requirements and their desire to try for a semblance of their original wedding plans. Finally, they told me that no matter what, they were getting married in April.

Their plans were simplified to include just a few friends and some family, and the resulting wedding was an absolutely beautiful, joyful day. Evan and Courntey were married at Knot and Pine in Alpine, Utah. I love this venue! I have shot here before and I loved revising the beautiful tall ceilings, large doors, and hanging lights that provide such a lovely backdrop for weddings like this one.

Something that made Evan and Courtney’s wedding day extra special was that Courtney had two first looks — one with her dad, and one with her future husband. I love the first look for being a special moment focused on just the couple before the big, loud festivities with everyone else, but that special moment of highlighting the couple’s relationship works just as well to highlight other significant relationships, like that of father and daughter. Both first looks were sweet and emotional, just like the ceremony. It was short and focused on the love between Evan and Courtney and was followed by a super fun, roaring party to celebrate their union.

I loved being there to capture their big day and have all the love and best wishes for these two as they start their newlywed lives together!

xo, kristi

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