Wirkus Family Session | Wellsville, Utah


I’m so excited to share these photos of the beautiful Wirkus family! Amber reached out to me several months ago to schedule their family session, and it was wonderful to get to meet and work with her. They actually live in Chicago, but they both attended school in Utah and love it here. The Wirkus family bring their sons back to this area pretty often to enjoy all the beauty that Utah has to offer! 

The Wirkus family was staying in Park City during this trip and wanted a mountainous location for their photos. We decided on one that was closer to them, so I drove up to that area on the day we scheduled, but we had a little mixup in planning and weren’t able to shoot that day. Family vacation schedules can get pretty crazy, but we really wanted to find another time to take their photos while they were in town! My schedule was packed that week and so the only way I could fit them back into my timetable was to have them drive to me. That put us in this lovely location in the Wellsville mountains. I’m so glad we did because it was beautiful! 

This location requires a little bit of a hike to get to, but it is so worth it. You can tell from these photos that it’s truly a stunning location.  It’s green and has beautiful views of the mountains without having to drive miles up a canyon. The Wellsville Mountains are such a hidden gem in Cache Valley! 

The Wirkus family also had their niece on vacation with them to help babysit their little boys, and she joined in for some of the photos as well. They said that she is the boy’s favorite person, so I’m glad we were able to capture a few shots of them together! Those will be such fun memories to look back on. The Wirkus boys were so cute and sweet. Taking family pictures can be boring as a little boy, but they did great the entire shoot. I loved working with the Wirkus family!

xo, kristi

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