The Turpin Family | Providence Canyon, Utah


Say hello to the amazingly adorable Turpin family. They may look familiar and that is because I have photographed them before. I love working with repeat clients because it’s so fun to get to see families grow, and this one has continued to grow beautifully!

Megan, the beautiful momma, is a dear friend and one of my associate photographers at Kristi Alyse Photography. I have photographed her family for 3 years in a row and it never gets old. Her boys are so photogenic and sweet and they absolutely adore their mom and that is so fun to capture in photographs.

The location for this shoot took place in Providence Canyon in Cache Valley. One of my favorite things about being a photographer in Cache Valley is that there are so many canyons to photograph in. It is very rare to run into another photographer up here since there is an ample supply of gorgeous locations to shoot at. However, Providence Canyon happens to be one of my favorites of the many canyons in Cache Valley.

My favorite part of this shoot was the fresh look of their bright outfits against the greens of the canyon and the bright sun. I always love when clients come dressed to perfection, and this family showed up looking like a million bucks! Neutral whites and blues are always a winner and never get old to photograph. I also love that they went for a more formal look, but not too overdressed. They just looked perfect. It’s like Megan knows what she’s doing or something! 🙂

It’s always so flattering to having a fellow photographer ask you to photograph their family. It means they value your talent and trust you will do a beautiful job. Thank you for trusting me Megan and may we continue our yearly tradition of photographing your gorgeous family.

xo, kristi

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